Friday, April 14, 2006


Hi there: Some news about opportunities:
Charlie Johnston, Winnipeg mural painter, phoned to say he is planning to open a Gallery at 2181 Portage Ave. at Moorgate. He writes:
We're offering our space as an exhibition venue for the artists who were planning to participate in the Craftspace spring exhibit. Our Gallery is called "Vault Gallery" and is located at 2181 Portage ave. & Moorgate. We have 1800 sq. ft. of show space with tons of natural light and two vaults, a glass foyer, kitchen and parking! We're planning our grand opening for May 17, with an exhibit of our recent works.We do not have display cases or pedestals currently, but that can change quickly as we're in the process of moving in & seting up our studio gallery environment. If any of you have such items for setting up the show, please bring it in.A June show of your 'group' would be perfect! In terms of the business end of things, we would ask for a 25% commision on sales for the show. We cannot insure the artwork with our policy, but what with our gallery being a former bank we have great security! Sarah & Charles Johnston C5 Artworks/ Vault Gallery
They can be reached at 204-795-1393. Their website is:

Valerie Metcalf sends this on:
A fellow approached us last week at the gallery. He and his partners have just purchased a building on Princess St. and are looking for artists, preferably potters, to rent space in the basement. His name is Jeff McKay and his business is called Edgeland Films inc. He can be contacted by phoneat 775-4092 or e-mail at
Also, the members of the Stoneware Gallery would like to invite everyone to come and see our newly re-decorated space. We're all very excited about it. Please note that we'll be having our annual spring sale this May from Thursday the 11th, beginning at 6:00 PM through Sunday the14th. Anyone interested in our hours or in being included on our mailing list can contact the Gallery at 475-8088.

My hairdresser's establishment is called "Hair Xetra" and the et cetera is more than pedicures and waxing. Robert has dedicated one long wall space to showcasing the work of local artists. And last week when I went to get a haircut, I received a pleasant surprise. As I walked in, I instantly recognized the work of Jolanta and Zbigniew Sokalski on the wall and in the window. Last month, Nancy Hall exhibited work at Robert's.
Robert has asked that I inform artists that he is interested in showing two-dimensional work in his space. His shop is located in a small mall at 101-912 Portage Ave., just west of Arlington.
Although the work is for sale, and Robert says a fair number of pieces have sold, at this point in time, he has not asked for a commission. He just likes to have nice art on his walls. His phone number is 779-2121.

For those of you who celebrate Easter and Passover - Enjoy. And for those who do not, have a nice spring weekend.


At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Ron Mark said...

Hello Jo'Anne
Trying to see how comments work so will keep this one short.
Thank you for your efforts in keeping information flowing re the Craft Council. The information you passed on cetainly helped me prepare for the meeting this afternoon.
I look forward to communication on your Blogg.
I thought the result of the meeting was very positive with a commitment by those present to move forward in a supportive manner and to try and work through issues in a productive and open manner.
Again thank you for all your work.

Ron Mark


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