Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I am forwarding this information from Ann Tyre for the benefit of those not on her e-mail list.........

A reminder that a meeting is to take place at Crossways in Common, 222 Furby at Broadway, on Sunday April 23, 2006 at 1:30pm.This message is being sent solely to update.It is in no way an attempt to constitute an agenda.Culture and Heritage will NOT be providing a facilitator for the meeting- they cannot be involved with the management of an organization which they fund.So, someone will have to chair the meeting, and someone will have to take minutes.As former members who have an interest in the future of MCC may wish to attend - what standing will current members afford them at this meeting?The meeting was called for the purpose of deciding whether or not to continue operating the Manitoba Crafts Council.If the decision is to continue - a Board should be elected, and a plan of action developed.Should the decision be to cease operations - (as mentioned before) the landlord has first rights to the fixed assets. Whether he wants them or not is unknown at this time. The credit union holds the other major debt, so would have second claim to them.People have expressed an interest in the fixed assets, either buying, or short term lease, and others have offered to accept items in exchange for what MCC owes them.I will provide a list of contacts - landlord, credit union manager, etc. so that members/ a new Board(?) can continue, finalize, or otherwise deal with MCC's contractual relationships.Regards,Ann Tyre


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Ron Mark said...

Hello Jo'Anne,
Just wanted to thank you for the effort you have made to keep some information flowing re the Craft Council.
I certainly would have not been as prepared for the meeting this afternoon without a lot of the information you have posted.
I thought the meeting this afternoon was a positive step in the right direction. There certainly is a big mess to straighten out, but I believe there are many dedicated craft council supporters like yourself who are willing, once again, to try.
I know that there are differing opinions of what has happened and where things should be headed - this is natural is any organization. However I also believe that there was a willingness to move forward in a spirit of trying to find some common ground and common purpose for the organization.
Your valuable input and historical knowlege will help ensure that a realistic and acceptable course of action will be developed.
I look forward to sharing ideas and interacting with you on helping determine what's next for MCC.
Regards, Ron Mark


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