Monday, April 24, 2006


I need to add some interesting information to yesterday's post about the Craft Council meeting. I collected names from those who were interested in getting the blog and were not currently on my mailing list. A gentleman, whom I did not know, handed me his business card indicating he would like to receive the blog. I confess, I very briefly looked at it, without really reading it, and thought to myself, he looks like a potter.
Last night after writing up the post, I added all the new names to my list, including this gentleman's. Reading the card, I realized that its owner was Mike Pagtakhan, City Councillor for Point Douglas West, and Deputy Mayor.
So I would like to publicly thank Mr. Pagtakhan for taking enough time and interest to give up the enjoyment of a beautiful afternoon in exchange for attending MCC's meeting.
And I hasten to apologize for not taking in the relevant information right there at the meeting.

Reflecting on comments made at yesterday's meeting about there being a dearth of young people currently involved in the organization - I recalled the time, many years ago when MCC was first getting started, my late husband commenting that everyone seemed so young. He was worried that the occupation of craftsperson carried with it some danger that prevented a long life. (I think he was thinking about all the chemicals I was messing around with - he was a scientist). So I guess we can console ourselves with the thought that at least those of us still around haven't yet succumbed to these dangers.

And recently Don Burroughs e-mailed me with a site looking for input from interested people. It's called Creative Clusters and the web site is .

Artisans Market
A sale of Manitoba Craft at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory will take place this coming Saturday, April 29th from 9:00 am - 4 pm. This sale is sponsored by The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library and Hosted by the friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. The following are showing work:
David Brownlee, Chantal Bishop, Teresa Carey, Cloverleaf Gallery,
Pat Courtnage, Catherine Gates, Sandra Gowan,
Karen Johannsson, Dianne Leatherdale Johnson,
Jo'Anne Kelly, Valerie Olsen, Sarah Sanderson,
Barbara Smith, Edna Stimpson, Jane Wood.
Tell your friends about this blog. I am looking to reach as many interested people as possible, all around the province. Encourage others to send me their e-mail address so I can include them in my mailings. Also I look forward to hearing about relevant happenings - shows, opportunities, new work, workshops, etc. I will undertake to include all relevant info and post it on this blog.


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