Friday, September 01, 2006


Using Art Clay Silver
I've been playing around with some art clay silver and I thought I would share some of the things I've been doing with it, since Prairie Stained Glass is adverising it. (See earlier post.) Below are 2 pieces of jewellery made using Art Clay silver and a porcelain bowl on which I added dragonfly images in art clay silver (fired on). - Jo'Anne.
flowers and leaf pendant in silver with two freshwater pearls. (2.25 inches)
Porcelain bowl with dragonflies and rim picked out in silver. (about 7 inches high)
Silver dragonfly pendant with ruby set in. ( 3.5 inches across)
A Sad Day At 1106 Wolseley
Here's farewell to my beautiful basswood tree. The fellows in the bucket are wielding a chainsaw - so I guess you could call this the "Basswood Chainsaw Massacre". This tree and my family have lived together here for nearly 35 years, and this wonderful tree predated us for many years before that. It was a mature tree when we moved in, and my boys loved to climb it. - Jo'Anne.


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