Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Shimpo 21 wheel for sale
I received this e-mail from Bill Bracegirdle. Anyone interested please get in touch with Bill directly:

I have a like new Shimpo 21 pottery wheel with extra bats that I would like to sell for $995.00.

Bill Bracegirdle
204 642-7700
Arnes MB

In Memoriam - Paula Gustafson

Paula Gustafson, who was a juror for MCC's 2004 Spring Show, passed away on July 11th, following a brief struggle with cancer. Paula came down with pneumonia at the end of May, and after a few tests, was diagnosed with lung cancer on June 7th. She accepted the news with grace and remained in good spirits for the most part during her illness.
Not only was Paula the publisher and editor of Artichoke, she was also a prolific writer, artist, mentor and advocate. Her unrivalled talents as editor and her ability to keep the integrity of Artichoke magazine's vision intact earned her the respect of both the arts and academic communities. This combination of intelligence and diligence enabled Artichoke to attract the very best writers from every region of the country, and opened pathways for aspiring authors to get excited about writing about visual art and Fine Craft. Paula was a tireless advocate for Craft, and did much to bring about a new perspective for Craft to be regarded in the same category as Fine Art. She gave lectures, served as advisor to individuals and non-profit organizations, wrote articles and published books about craft, as well as published three special editions of Artichoke magazine which showcased contemporary Canadian Craft. (Yes, Craft with a capital C. She always said it deserved it.)

This from Tanis Moore via Helma Rogge
As some of you know, I have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine part time for 5 years. After a couple of years, it became a dream to finish off my studies inChina at a hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Well, that time has come, and my desire to go is just as strong as ever. I will go to ateaching hospital in Beijing (or Tianjing or Harbin, not settled quite yet) this Septemberfor 3 months, which will give me enough hours of practical time to be eligible to writemy Canadian exam once I return to Canada. I will then become a Doctor of Acupuncture,good anywhere in Canada. (To become a Doctor of TCM, I would then need to take 2more years dealing with herbs. However, at this point in time, I am not so interested in that.)
So, to help defray the expenses (tuition, room and board, airfare, etc.) I am planning to hold a fund-raising event. This will be at the Park Theatre on Osborne Street in Winnipeg.It will be an evening of entertainment and silent auction, as well as a social event. The nicething about the Park Theatre is that they have refreshments available, so that part is takencare of.
Date: August 16,
Where: Park Theatre, 698 Osborne South, Winnipeg
When:7:30 pm
Price of tickets: $15Available at the door, at Wayne Arthur Gallery, Provencher, St.Boniface.Helma’s Studio Gallery at Boundary Creek, Wpg Beach, the FYXX on Portage Ave. and from Tanis, on Saturday 9-2pm at the Exchange District Market


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