Thursday, May 18, 2006


Tragic Fire Destroys Potter's Home
Here's another message from Helma Rogge:
Hi Friends and Artists: Heather Lair and I went up to the Steel Wheel Studio #30 on the WAVE tour.We cried and hugged Veronica and Kirk (Creed), for there was only a smoldering heap of their home cottage. The show must go on, says Kirk, they will open for the WAVE but...From what I can see, here is what they need:
Chainsaw Cookstove for wood and pots and pans, utensils and crokery
Screen tent and a house tent
New underwear for a lady and a gentleman
Rainwear Summerwear
A camera Film
Flashlights with batteries
Radio Cd player Music cds or tapes
A couple of stiff drinks and a new cottage ready in time for fall/winter.
I Am sure we can provide everything for them with no problem! Veronica lost all her years' artwork For her to set up a studio she needs: water colour paints, paper, canvas,brushes and everything needed to create. Kirk has his potter's wheel which was in Rickey Lair's studio. What luck. Think creatively when putting your stuff together for Kirk and Veronica.Their address is on the brochure and you can get their cell from me (Helma) when Ihave it. In the meantime I am Your humble colleague in creative synergy Helma
(for Helma's e-mail address, read yesterday's post.)


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