Monday, May 15, 2006


This from Gaetanne Sylvester from MCC:
We are still in need of volunteers to help move MCC's belongings into temporary storage.On TUESDAY MAY 23 There will be three shifts: first shift - 9:00 AM second shift -1 PM third shift - 6:00 PM Please e-mail me to let me know your availability for one of these shifts before Friday , May 19. MCC must clear out of the building. More than half the work was done today but we need your help. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Andy Krindle, Alan Lacovetsky, Fleur Mclaughlan, Joy Bamford, Susan Styrchak who along with your board, David Krindle, Ann Tyre, Ron Mark Herman De Vries, Ingrid Lincoln and myself worked very hard today and accomplished a lot but MORE needs to be done.Please indicate your availability for one of these shifts by e-mail before Friday.Remember you cannot expect your interim board to do it all. Thank you, Gaëtanne


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