Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Here are some more items of interest that have come in:

from Ann Tyre re the minutes for the Sunday MCC meeting:
A couple of revisions were necessary:1. Susan Styrchak made the first motion to form an interim board.2. Interim Board volunteered, and was "appointed" - rather than elected

Kathy Koop writes:
Art City (which is an art center in West Broadway, offering free quality art programming to children, youth and adults who otherwise could not afford it) is looking for artists and craftspeople interested in giving workshops.
There are several opportunities for those interested. One is for community artists from the West Broadway, Wolseley, and the West End areas, to do a 4 hour workshop for children for which an honourarium of $100.00 is offered. This is a great way to share your talent!
Another opportunity is for professional artists (from all over) to give longer workshops for children and youth which are generally structured in one week blocks, but other ideas will be considered. The salary for a 5 day workshop is $1200.
The deadline for this application is June 1, 2006.
For more information on these opportunities, you can visit Art City's web site at or contact Talia at 775-9856 or e-mail
If you would like to visit Art City and learn more about it, you are welcome to attend the half hour Annual General Meeting on Wed. May 3, 2006 at 12 noon. A brief power point presentation will be shown highlighting the past year's activities, and a light lunch will be served following the meeting.
The address is 616 Broadway Ave. It is open to the public.
Art City is also exhibiting the results of one of the current workshops called Huts and Hideaways. It will feature drawings, models, and sculptural works created by participants with artist in residence, Chris Cooper.
The opening is Friday, May 5, 2006 at 7pm, at The Label Gallery, 510 Portage Ave. It will continue from May 8-19, Mon. - Fri. noon - 5pm.

And Ann Tyre also sends this:
Marion Butler from the Manitoba Arts Council phoned this morning to be updated on MCC's status and to remind us of the share of a Bingo on Saturday April 29th - evening. I have yet to get the details of time, place, and the length of time volunteers are needed (I think it was two hours last time) but I wanted to see if there are five members who would volunteer. It would mean $1,500 and MCC back on the Lotteries list for future events. It may mean re-writing a Project Proposal - it was originally to be used for web-site development, which isn't our primary concern at the moment - though it could still be used for that.
Ann's e-mail is:


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