Thursday, May 11, 2006


This just in from MCC:
An interim board was appointed on April 23, 2006 at a special meeting; David Krindle - President, Ron Mark -VicePresident, Ann Tyre -Treasurer, Ingrid Lincoln -Secretary, Gaëtanne Sylvester - Memberships, and Herman De Vries -Communications.The board was appointed with the mandate, over the next sixty days, of evaluating the present situation, dealing with immediate on-going operational issues and devising a plan for the recovery of Manitoba Craft Council.The immediate course of action is to get an audit of the organization's financial situation over the last two years, hire an arts sector consultant to help build a restructuring plan, deal with the immediate issues of creditors, maintain a minimal operation of the Council and communicate progress to Manitoba Craft Council members.Thank you for your patience,Gaëtanne

This opportunity came thru Arwen Helene at the Wpg. Folk festival:
River City Dragon Boat Festival - vendors
Here’s some info from the Dragon Boat Festival – they are looking for vendors. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact them directly at: - Karyn Stone, Dragon Boat Coordinator Manitoba Paddling Association Phone: (204) 925-5681Fax: (204) 925-5703 Check out our website:

and also thru Arwen:
Call for Submissions:
Making Art More Personal and approachable, ART HIVE is an old vendingmachine turned art gallery. The converted cigarette machine will be an open forum for emerging and established artists to showcase their workto a larger more diverse audience. ART HIVE encourages easier accessto original artwork at an affordable price and challenges artists tocreate new work and think outside of the traditional gallery setting.We are asking artists to submit all types of work in multiples of25-50, the only limitation is that the art work must be able to fitinside a regular cigarette box (4" x 3 3/8" x 5/8"). Artists will bepaid according to the machines revenue.(Each box will cost 4$ and the artists will receive 3$, the extra 1$will be used for purchase of boxes, machine maintenance and project facilitation)Deadline: June 15th, 2006 and ongoingART HIVE's first location will be at the Winnipeg Folk Festival andvarious locations after that. (We are trying to get the Millenium library to become ART HIVE'S permanent home)Email Suzie Smith and Angela Forget at ARTHIVE@GMAIL.COM with your idea and we will provide boxes and more information. Thanks for your time.


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